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360 Degree Feedback

One of the most powerful tools for managers and professionals is the use of a 360 degree feedback tool. Through the selection of the right tool and used correctly, the information obtained can assist individuals in improving their self-awareness and implementation of development plans.


Optima can customise a 360 feedback tool which can include company values and specific leadership qualities as they pertain to the organisation. Through the use of survey software, respondents can complete the customised questionnaire online and completely anonymously.


In addition to customisation, Optima also provides validated multi rater tools. Often used in coaching, the Optima 360 Framework identifies personality types along with preferred work styles. It is ideal for professional level roles where possible promotion to management level is being considered.


The more comprehensive 360° Manager uses a framework comprising 9 broad competency groups that, through international research, have been found to be generic and important areas influencing individual and organisational performance.


Each competency area includes five individual competencies as shown below:

  • Integrity
    Integrity, Dependability, Realistic Self-assessment, Risk Avoidance, Responsibility
  • Interpersonal Skills 
    Relationships, Empathic, Interpersonal Support, Diplomacy, Appropriate Assertion
  • Planning & Organizing 
    Time Management, Future Orientated, Prioritisation, Delegation, Planning
  • Creativity
    Innovation, Adaptability, Holistic Thinking, Strategic, Ideas Generation
  • Resilience
    Emotionality, Composure, Tension, Suspiciousness, Impulsive
  • Quality Orientation 
    Detail Consciousness, Task-Focus, Task Finishing, Systematic, High Standards
  • Logical and Analytical 
    Rationality, Numerical Skills, Critical Appraisal, Decision making, Analytical
  • Persuasiveness
    Communication Skills, Written skills, Coaching, Social Presence, Listening Skills
  • Energy and Drive
    Energy, Self-motivation, Results Orientated, Motivating, Initiative

As with the Optima 360 Framework, this questionnaire is administered online and respondents are anonymous. The 360° Manager provides a highly detailed report covering all the selected competencies. With a specific focus on facilitating self awareness and personal development, the report not only highlights overall rated competencies but how self-ratings vary from all other participant groups in both graphic and narrative formats.


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