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Professional HR resources to assist with key projects or peaks in workload. HR templates, performance management systems, recruitment, reward.


Our assessment services include measurement at the individual and team level and the organisation as a whole. Psychological assessments can assist with recruitment decisions to ensure organisations select the right individual for the team and organisational culture. Individual appraisals can also be applied for career development purposes, coaching or when constructing teams. Team optimisation tools can also be applied in team development initiatives. 360 degree feedback is also a powerful tool in the performance management and coaching process.


Determining how the company is functioning and progressing towards its strategic goals is not always easy to identify. Organisational survey’s such as the Benchmark of Organisational Emotional Intelligence can greatly assist in this regard. Specific organisational survey’s can also be developed to mirror key objectives and concerns that relate to the organisation.


Psychological Appraisals

Psychological Assessments can provide essential information to assist managers with recruitment decisions, development focus areas and team optimisation initiatives. Organisations can also conduct temperature checks though job satisfaction and culture surveys. Additionally, organisational assessments are valuable tools in assisting change processes that can be applied to teams, departments or entire organisations.


Optima utilises a range of validated psychological assessment tools designed to assess aptitudes, personality, interests and reasoning ability.


The key uses of Psychological assessments include:

  • Career development and job matching
  • Role Profiling
  • Performance management process
  • Team formulation
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Development

All Optima appraisals are accompanied by a written Psychologists report highlighting the key areas to focus on as they relate to the purpose of the assessment.


In addition, Optima also provides:

  • Verbal feedback to the client
  • Verbal feedback to the participant
  • Competitive pricing
  • Online assessments

Optima can also assess performance through a validated 360 management tool and the organisation as a whole by utilising an employee opinion survey, job satisfaction and culture survey’s.


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