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Organisational Survey's

There are various types of organisational survey’s with most firms’ adopting regular culture or organisational effectiveness surveys. At an individual level, 360 degree feedback tools are also useful as an exercise in identifying organisational strengths and weaknesses from a people perspective. Additionally job satisfaction survey’s and general feedback survey’s are also popular.


As people are the most important asset in an organisation, regular temperature checks are essential to ensure a healthy orientation towards company goals and objectives.


Optima can customise the questionnaire to address specific organisational needs or administer a validated tool. The Benchmark of Organisational Intelligence in one such tool available through Optima. Research has demonstrated that emotionally intelligent organisations are more productive. In addition to all the benefits provided by a traditional organisational effectiveness survey, the BOEI assessment measures the level of emotional intelligence in your organisation as a whole and across departments, teams, or divisions.


Key Areas Measured by the BOEI include:

  • Job Happiness
  • Compensation
  • Work/Life Stress Management
  • Organisational Cohesiveness
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Diversity and Anger Management
  • Organizational Responsiveness
  • Positive Impression
  • Negative Impression


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